NATALYA is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of African/Venezuelan and Northern European descent. Prodigiously talented, from an early age she carved out an impressive profile in the entertainment world. She performed among world-class casts at The Old Globe Theater, San Diego. She sang NASA's wake up call for the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour's final flight. She was a featured actress in Prince's "A Million Days" music video and several of his universally renowned vault-ed film projects. By thirteen, amassing a large library of self-penned material, NATALYA formed her own publishing company and began creating and archiving a multitude of complete, yet-to-be-released album treasures. With a flair for sophisticatedly accessible pop, sensual and robustly expressive vocals and mesmerizing melodies, NATALYA's brave emotional sincerity and silky-smooth, elegant performances keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Although remaining an independent artist, NATALYA teamed up in the studio with musical giant Prince, and was collaborating with him on several recording projects into April of 2016 at Paisley Park. ---Stay Tuned---